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Here are the articles for my presentation. Let me know if you have any problems accessing any of them. Andrea

Objectives for Scenario 5

Baby Sacha

1. Reread Scenario 5 and determine from baby Sacha’s signs and symptoms a list of differential diagnosis? (Be sure to include all the MW4 new management issues from the course outline #10: hypoglycaemia, galactosemia, and heart defects.)
2. From your list in question 1, give the definition, incidence, and differential diagnostic sign or symptom, diagnostic test, management and treatment for all the metabolic disorders and congenital heart defects.
3. Review the normal neonatal metabolic system. Include the signs that indicate that a baby is getting enough milk?
4. Examine severe dehydration; include risk factors, sequeli, causes and signs and symptoms and treatment, and diagnostic lab. Define hypernatremic dehydration and it’s relation to breastfeeding. Which of these risk factors did baby Sacha have?
5. Neonatal seizures: Explain the different types, causes, incidences, sequeli (i.e. sub arachnoids haemorrhage, transverse sinus thrombosis) and management including drugs.

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Breastfeeding and dehydration
breast fed and dehydration.pdf
neonatal chest x ray
chest xray.pdf
electrolyte valve
electrolyte value.pdf
breastfeeding and hypoglecmia
breastfeeding and hypoglycemia.pdf
galactosemia 1.pdf
neonatal seizures
dehydration and sodium
neonatal seizure disorders
metabolic problems in neonate
drug treatment seizure
congential heart
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