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Daniel Heath
Canada Research Chair in Conservation Genetics

Dr. Daniel Heath is an expert in conservation genetics, a relatively new field whose goal is to provide a reliable and accurate assessment of viability at the individual and population levels. A clearer understanding of the factors operating at these levels is needed before any meaningful eco-system level conclusions can be drawn.

The Canada Research Chair in

Conservation Genetics will enable Dr. Heath to provide additional relevant information concerning the interaction of genetics and the environment and its effect on individual and population viability. His research team will target sustainable renewable resources, with a focus on fish stocks. They will undertake studies designed to assist breeders in developing high performance aquaculture or agriculture strains in the minimum possible time.

Indirect economic benefits would include impact assessment for industrial expansion, stock structure assessment for commercial and sport fisheries, remediation assessment for past industrial environmental impacts, and species invasion reduction/containment research in the shipping industry.

More on Dr. Heath's research

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