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Dr. Gordon W. Drake, Chair
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Department of Physics
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Faculty & Staff Information Sheet

Personal Information:

Title: Dr.
First Name: Roman R.
Last Name: Maev
Degrees: B.Sc. (Moscow Phys. Eng. Inst.), M.Sc. (Moscow Phys. Tech. U.), Ph.D. (Lebedev) -1995
Employee Type: Faculty
Rank/Job Title: Professor

Contact Information:

Office Location: 289-1 ESSX
Office Ext.: 2661
Web site: http://www.uwindsor.ca/maev/
Email: maev@uwindsor.ca

Research Interest:
Research Interests and Current Projects:
View Dr. Maev's research interests at http://www.uwindsor.ca/ciramc

Lifetime Publications: 212 Research publications, several reviews, book editor (in Refereed Journals and Proceedings in English: 135 and in Russian: 77); 23 Technical Reports, Russian Patents and Invention Disclosures; 4 US Patents, all together 246 Total.

Refereed Journal Publications (in English):

Brain O’Neill, Roman Gr. Maev, Mathematical methods for the characterization of ultrasound in anisotropic materials. A Review, Canadian Journal of Physics, v. 78, N 6, pp. 547-573, 2000.

S. Titov, R.Maev, A.Bogachenkov, Two-Channel Measuring Acoustic Microscope, Journ. of Scientific Tool and Experimental Methods, v. 43, No.2, 2000, pp. 275-278.

Yongping Zheng, Roman Gr. Maev, Igor Yu. Solodov, Nonlinear acoustic applications for material characterization: A Review, Canadian Journal of Physics, v. 77, N 12, pp. 927-967, 1999.

Gregory V. Morozov, Roman Gr. Maev, and G.W.F. Drake, Switching of electromagnetic waves by two layered periodic dielectric structures, Phys. Rev. E, v.60, pp. 4860-4867, 1999.

B.O’Neill, and Roman Gr. Maev, Integral approximation method for calculating ultrasonic beam propagation in anisotropic materials, Phys. Rev. B, v.58, pp. 5479-5485, 1998.

R.G. Maev, H.Shao, E.Yu. Maeva, Measurement using ultrasonic pulse-echo method of a curved multilayered polymer system, Journ. of Material characterization, v.1, N 2-3, pp.243-256, 1998.

G.V. Morozov, R.G. Maev, G.W.F. Drake, Exact analytical description of electromagnetic waves propagation through two-layer periodical dielectric structure, Quantum Electronics, v. 28, N 11, pp.977-982, 1998.

K.I.Maslov, L.M.Dorozkin, R.G.Maev, V.S.Dorosenko, A new focusing ultrasonic transducer and the two foci acoustic lens for acoustic microscopy on its basis, Journ. IEEE Trans. Ultrasonic, Ferroelectrics and Frequency control, v.44, N 2, pp. 380-386, 1997,

R.G. Maev, V.M.Levin, Principles of local sound velocity and attenuation measurements using transmission acoustic microscope. Journ. IEEE Trans. Ultrasonic, Ferroelectrics and Frequency control, v.44, N.5, 1196-1207, 1997.

Zhang Qianlin, Yin Hong, Wei Yuezhen, Huang Yudong, Roman Maev, Vadim Levin, Microcharacterization of interface behavior on composite materials using Acousto-microscopy methods, Journ. of Materials Engineering, (China), v. 4, 69-71,1995.

Paper Submitted to Refereed Journals (under revision/review):

Gregory V. Morozov, Roman Gr. Maev, and G.W.F. Drake, Green's function analysis of electromagnetic waves in two-layered periodic structures with fluctuations in thickness, Phys. Rev. E, 2000 (submitted).

S. Titov, R. Maev, A. Bogachenkov, Continuous wave measuring acoustic microscope. Russian Physics. Acoustics, 2000, v.45 (in press).

H.T. Lee, R. Gr. Maev, S. A.Titov, E. Yu. Maeva, Evaluate the Quality of Resistance Spot Weld by Acoustic Imaging, Journ. of Material Characterization, 2000, v.3 (submitted).

R. Maev, J. Sokolowski, H. Lee, E.Maeva, A. Denissov, Subsurface Structure Analysis of the 319 Al-Casting Using Acoustic Microscopy Methods, Journ. of Material Characterization, 2000 (in press).

R. Maev, Yu. Maximovsky, L. Denisova, E. Maeva, A. Denisov, T. Chirkova, D., Domyshev, Acoustic microscopy - new method for teeth investigation “Stomatologia", 2000, No 5-6. (submitted).

R. Gr. Maev, L.A. Denisova, E.Yu. Maeva, A.A. Denisov, A.A. Pchelintsev, Quantitative evaluation of elasto-mechanical properties of human teeth, News in Dentistry, Moscow, 2000, No 2 (in press).

Refereed Conference Proceedings:

F. Severin, B. O’Neill, R. Maev, Image of Nonlinear structures of heterogeneous media using scanning acoustic microscopy, Quantitative Nondestructive Evaluation, v.19, pp.881-889, AIP NY, 2000.

R. Gr. Maev, A. Ptchelintsev, A. A. Denissov, Ultrasonic imaging with 2D matrix transducers, Proc. of 25th Intern. Acoustical Imaging Symposium, March 2000, Bristol, UK.

S.A. Titov, R.Gr. Maev, Angular spectrum approach to time-resolved acoustic microscopy, Proc. of 25th Intern. Acoustical Imaging Symposium, March 2000, Bristol, UK.

I.Yu. Solodov, R. Gr. Maev. Overview of opportunities for nonlinear acoustic applications in material characterization and NDE, Proc. of the 2nd International Conference “ Emerging technologies in NDE”, Athens, Greece, 1999.

B.E. O’Neill, R. Gr. Maev, Modeling convergent ultrasonic beams in anisotropic composites, Proc. Sixth Intern. Conf. on Composites Engineering, pp.627-629, June 1999, Orlando, USA.

R.G. Maev, A.Ptchelintsev, A.Denissov, Acoustic imaging using matrix of piezoelectric transducers for nondestructive evaluation of plastic composites, , Proc. Sixth Intern. Conf. on Composites Engineering, pp.665-668, June 1999, Orlando, USA.

F.M. Severin, I.Yu. Solodov, R.Gr. Maev, Generation of second harmonics at passing of acoustic wave through nonlinear layer in composite structure, Proc. Sixth Intern. Conf. on Composites Engineering, pp.753-755, June 1999, Orlando, USA.

R.Gr.Maev, I.Yu.Solodov, Acoustic reflectivity enhancement using higher-order nonlinear reflection mode, Proc.of 1998 IEEE Ultrasonic symposium, pp. 707-710, October 1998, Sendai, Japan.

R.G. Maev, S.A.Titov, Measurement method based on scanning Doppler continuous wave acoustic microscope, Topics on Nondestructive Evaluation Series, v. 3, ASNT Publication, 1998 343-350.

R.G..Maev, D.F. Watt, V.M.Levin, K.I.Maslov, R.Pan, Development of high resolution ultrasonic inspection for welding microdefectoscopy, Acoustical Imaging, 1996, Plenum Press, Vol. 22, 779-784.

K.I.Maslov, R.G.Maev, L.M.Dorozhkin, V.S.Dorosenko, High-frequency focusing transducer for acoustic microscope, Acoustical Imaging, 1996, Plenum Press, vol. 22, 689-694.

R.G.Maev, R.M.Pilliar, V.M. Levin, E.Yu.Maeva, T.A.Senjushkina, Acoustic microscopy applications for observing microstructures of bones and bone-implant system, Acoustical Imaging, 1996, Plenum Press, Vol. 22, 323-328.


R. Maev, S. Titov, A. Ptchelintsev, E. Maeva, A. Denisov, H.Lee, Method and Apparatus for Assessing Quality of Spot Welds, US PATENT APPLICATION # 99-1205US2RAF from 18.06. 2000.

R. Maev, A. Ptchelintsev, J. Mann, Transducer Built Into an Electrode, US PATENT APPLICATION # 98-1257US2RAF from 15.01.1999.

A. Ptchelintsev, R. Gr. Maev, Ultrasonic Array Transducer, US PATENT APPLICATION # 98-1258US2RAF from 7.11.1998.

R. Maev, K. Maslov, S. Titov, Multieyed Acosutical Microscope Lens System. US PATENT APPLICATION # 98-1247US2RAF from 24.12.1998.

A.Benditskii, R.Maev, T.Pryor, Optico-acoustical location method, Russian Patent N 98114121/28/014688, from 07.07.1998.

Technical Reports:

R.Maev, F.Severin, E.Maeva, “The high-resolution acoustic imaging inspection of the aviation thin-shape casting”, Report for deHavillant, June 26, 2000.

R. Maev, F. Severin, E. Maeva, “Acoustic microscopy inspection of the adhesive bonding quality of the B-pillar plastic prototype samples for the ‘plastic car’ program”. Section 2. Report for DaimlerChrysler Corp., NSERC CRD Project, April 4, 2000.

R. Maev, E.Maeva, S.Titov, “Internal structure investigation of the plastic samples”. Report for Siemens. January 28, 2000.

R. Maev, A. Ptchelintsev, K. Michie, Y. Tao “Resistance spot welding electrode built-in ultrasonic transducers technology: Phase I, First stage progress report, NSERC-DaimlerChrysler-University of Windsor, NSERC CRD Project, December 3, 1999.

R. Maev, S.Titov, A. Ptchelintsev, “Ultrasonic C- and B-scan images obtained on “safety” spot welds samples produced in Bramalea Chrysler Assembly Plan”” NSERC CRD Progress report, University of Windsor, June 27, 1999.

R.G. Maev, A. Ptchelintsev, E. Maeva, A. Denisov, F. Severin, “Various Ultrasonic Techniques for spot weld quality monitoring. Comparative results.” CRD NSERC Progress report, April 20, 1999.

Research Grants:

2000/2002 Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada.
Collaborative Research Grant in Ultrasonic in Short pulse acoustic microscopy for industrial applications.

2000 Canadian Foundation Innovation / Province of Ontario.
Equipment Grant in Biomolecular characterization and dynamics research facility.

2000/2002 Material and Manufacturing Ontario.
Collaborative Research Grant in Nonlinear acoustic spectroscopy for material characterization and component quality assessment.

1999/2001 Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada.
Collaborative Research Grant in Ultrasonic in-process monitoring and feedback of spot weld quality.

1998/1999 Material and Manufacturing Ontario.
Collaborative Research Grant in Laser-acoustic shape measurement system for high-speed 3D form surface mapping.

1996/2000 Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada.
Collaborative Research Grant in Acoustic-microscopy-based procedures and devices for rapid detection of microdefects in weld metal joints.


To explain my research contribution toward experimental and theoretical physics, the following areas are identified and commented.

Photosemiconductors and Solid State Laser. Develop pioneering theory of photoconductivity of A2B6 and A3B5 type of semiconductors (For set of that publication I received a Prize of Moscow Science Society in physics). Study mechanism of control and change optical properties of photo-semiconductors. Using the above results with the group of my graduate students I realize a set of experiments which strengthen our theory and gave the new direction for design more effective solid state lasers.

Physical Acoustics and Acousto-Optics. Develop new mechanism of acousto-optical interaction in piezo-semiconducting crystals. Computation of dependence of acoustical constant on light frequency in A2B6 semiconductors. Investigated possibility of focusing and self-focusing of light beam in semiconductors by varying the electron component of its dielectric constant.

Ultrasonic Investigations in Medicine and Biology. Acoustical methods characterization of biological objects. Study of influence of ultrasound on living cells. Action of ultrasound on the membrane potential and embryonic development of sea urchin eggs. Study of ultrasound effect on antigenic activity of human erythrocytes. Acoustic microscopy for biological tissue characterization.

Theoretical Fundamentals of Quantitative Scanning Acoustic Microscopy. The quantitative transmission raster acoustic microscopy. Theory of A(z)- dependence in transmission acoustic microscopy. Theory of focal region structure into account aberration and absorption. Investigation of the 3D-structure of acoustical fields by special focusing system. High-frequency focusing transducers for acoustic microscope. Radiation pressure forces and temperature effects in the focal region of acoustic microscope. Surface ultrasonic Stonely waves at the interface solid-liquid and their use for acoustic microscopy.

Nonlinear Acoustic Study for Material Characterization. Nonlinear acoustics and acousto-optics in material evaluations in multilayer structures, (i.e. polymer layers, coatings, and microelectronic chips); characterization of various chemical fluids, thin films on the liquid-air interface, and polymer mixtures and blends; biological tissue assessment in cells and also soft and hard tissue levels; Mechanical/Materials and Industrial Engineering, detection of various advanced engineering materials and structures.

Acoustic Microscopy Investigations. Acoustic microscopy investigations of High-temperature superconductors. High-resolution acoustic microscopy of matrix composite materials. Investigation of local piezoelectric properties of piezoelectric transducers. Study of heterogeneity of polymer composite and polymer blends using acoustic microscopy. Acoustic microscopy of biological objects, including living cells, microstructure of soft tissue, bones and bone-implant system.

Industrial Applications of Acoustic Microscopy. High resolution ultrasonic inspection for welding microdefectoscopy. Development of acoustic device for inspection steam generator tubing for Nuclear power plant. Examination of Aluminum casting bulk microstructure using acousto macro & microscopy.
Nondestructive ultrasound precise thickness measurements for multilayer plastic systems.


I joined the Moscow Physical Technical University since 1976. As a Deputy-Chief of the Chair (1978-1984) I prepared a few new lecture courses, lab, practice and seminars for student education in Electron, Acousto and Luminescence Spectromicropy for Applies Physics and Biophysics. Also, I was editor and co-author (R. Maev, A. Malenkov) of Lab, practice book in two volumes and co-author of monography “Sound and Light: Interaction in the media” by V. Levin, R. Maev, V. Proklov for Master and Ph.D. students in Series: “News in science and techniques”. To date, during my tenure in Russian Academy of Sciences and Moscow Physical Technical University there were 32 graduate degrees conferred under my supervision and 7 Ph.D. degrees awarded under my direct supervision during the period 1982-1992. Most of them were offered excellent job opportunities, including Russian Academy of Sciences, Oxford Univ. (Gr. Britain), Univ. of Bremen (Germany), Ohio State Univ. (USA), Arizona State Univ. (USA), etc.

Since I started my Professor activity at the University of Windsor in August, 1995, first three M. Sc. graduate degrees and one Ph.D. student were successfully defended under my supervision:

1996 Hong Shao (M. Sc.) -. “Thickness of Curved Multilayered Polymer Structures Using the Ultrsonic Pulse-Echo Method”

1997 Hsu-Tung Lee (Ph.D.).- “Integrating Acoustic Microscopy Method on Examining Resistance Spot Weld”

1998 Alex Denissov (M.Sc)- “Ultrasound applications of biological objects study”

1999 Brian O’Neill (M. Sc) - “Development of Theoretical Techniques for Modeling Acoustic Beam Propagation in anisotropic Materials, with Some Consideration of Nonlinear Effects”

At the University of Windsor I am a member of Executive Committee of School of Physical Sciences, also a member of Research Advisory Council of the University of Windsor and a member of Program Development Senate Committee.

Currently I supervise five Postdoctoral Fellows, as well as three Ph.D. students, and three M.Sc. students, with tentative titles of their thesis as follows:

  • “Analytical description of propogation of electromagnetic waves through many-layer periodical structure” by Grigori Morozov (Ph.D.).
  • “Algorithms for forming and processing acoustical imaging based on 3-D data base collection” by Alex Denissov (Ph.D.).
  • “New nonlinear acoustic theory and experimental approach for characterization of materials with heterogeneous structure” by Brian O’Neill (Ph.D.).
  • “Computer simulations for resistance spot welding process with electrode built-in ultrasonic transducers technology” by Jeffrey Sadler (M.Sc.)
  • “Theoretical and experimental study of the acoustic waves propagation in anisotropic materials” by Andrey Chertov (M.Sc.)
  • “ Basic physical limitations for improving acousto microscopy signal processing” by Wesley Arthur (M.Sc).

Graduate courses taught (University of Windsor)
Physics 64-612, Fall 1997, Acoustic Imaging and Acoustic Microscopy, 1 Semester

Physics 64-612, Fall 1998, Introduction to the Nonlinear Acoustics, 1 Semester

Physics 64-612, Fall 1999, Elastic Waves in Solids, 1 Semester


Over the years I have done consulting and expert work for a number of organizations as well as was invited as a visiting - professor in various Universities, among them in the last six years are:

1999 Pres. Adjunct Professor, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA.

1996/1998. Adjunct Professor, Dept. of Electrical Engineering, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec.

1995 Pres Member and Scientific Consultant, Advanced Technology Working Group, Canada-Russia Intergovernmental Economic Commission.

1994/95 Visiting-Professor, Ultrasonic Microscopy Lab, University of Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

1994 Guest Researcher, National Inst. Of Standards and Tech (NIST), USA Dept of Commerce,Washington.

1992/93 Scientific Deputy-Chief of the Technological marketing project “Hi-Tech from Russia”, supported by Siemens AG, Daimler-Benz AG Germany, and Russian Academy of Sciences.

Professional Organizations:
1999/2001 Councilor for Ontario-Southwest, Council of Canadian Association of Physicists.

1997 Pres Member, American Acoustical Society, USA.

1995 Pres. Senior Member and a Member of Technical Program Committee (TPC), IEEE, USA.

1994 Pres Member, Canadian both Physical and Acoustical Associations.


Gregory V. Morozov, Roman Gr. Maev, and G.W.F. Drake, Green's function analysis of electromagnetic waves in two-layered periodic structures with fluctuations in thickness, Submitted to Phys. Rev. E, 2000 (August, 2000).

Brain O’Neill, Roman Gr. Maev, Mathematical methods for the characterization of ultrasound in anisotropic materials. A Review, Canadian Journal of Physics, v. 78, N 7, pp. 547-573, (2000).

Gregory V. Morozov, Roman Gr. Maev, and G.W.F. Drake, Switching of electromagnetic waves by two-layered periodic dielectric structures, Phys. Rev. E. 60, 4860, (1999).

Brian O’Neill and Roman Gr. Maev, Integral approximation method for calculating ultrasonic beam propagation in anisotropic materials, Phys. Rev. B, 58, 5479 (1998).

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