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Dr. Francis W. Lemire
BSc (Windsor '64); MSc (Queens '65); PhD (Queens '67)
10-105 LT
Ext. 3030
Fax: (519) 971-3649

Areas of Interest Lie Groups and Lie Algebras, Representation Theory

Research Outline The focus of my recent research is centered on the study of simple Lie Modules having finite dimensional weight space decompositions with respect to a fixed Cartan subalgebra.
Considerable progress has been made on the classification of such modules during the last few years. in particular, Olivier Mathieu has recently completed Fernando's classification scheme for all simple modules in this category by classifying all simple torsion free Lie modules of finite degree.Also in this direction D. Britten and I have established the Jordan Holder decompositions of tensor products of torsion free modules of degree one with finite dimensional simple modules. In particular we have shown that all simple torsion free Lie modules of finite degree can be realized as distinguished submodules of the tensor product of a torsion free module of degree one with an appropriate finite dimensional module. There are still a number of outstanding open problems in this area.
Selected Publications Britten,D.J., Lemire, F.W. 2001. Tensor Product Realizations of simple Torsion Free Modules, Canad. J. Math. Vol 53(2), 225-243.

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