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For more information contact:
Dr. Barry Adam
University of Windsor
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      The University of Windsor is one of only a few universities to offer a Minor in Studies in Sexuality. These courses explore a wide range of issues, including ways in which sexuality may be viewed as natural or cultural; how sexual assumptions have changed through history; sexuality as pleasure, desire, and reproduction; sexual orientation and sexual identity; sexuality and gender, and so on. Sexuality studies is a vibrant field offering many opportunities for graduate study, and providing an important asset for people in helping professions, and community and social services.

      Requirements for the minor: any six of the following courses.

      • 48-205 Sociology of Sex
      48-305 Sexuality and Health
      • 48-350 Theories of Sexuality
      • 48-351 Gay and Lesbian Studies

      • 46-240 Psychology of Sex and Gender

      • 43-463 The History of Sexuality in North America

      Women’s Studies
      53-201 Women, Sexuality and Social Justice
      • 53-215 Religion and Sexuality
      • 53-220 Biology of Sex and Gender