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For more information contact:
Dr. Barry Adam
University of Windsor
Room 157-2 Chrysler Hall South
401 Sunset
Windsor Ontario
N9B 3P4

(519) 253-3000 ext. 3497
fax: (519) 971-3621
the University of Windsor's LGBTQ-friendly webpages

      • Take a look at the new PhD in Sociology specializing in Social Justice
      • 252A&B DH are now LGBT safe spaces. We need furniture, bookshelves, display racks, etc and people with ideas about how to realize the potential of this space. To get involved, contact
      • Participate in Out on Campus, the campus student group.
      • Click in the Table of Contents (at left) for gay and lesbian studies and resources on campus and on the net. Check out the Minor in Studies in Sexuality.
      • Follow links to community groups, local, national, and international.
      • Find more about student services on campus.